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New Album “CHRYSALIS” Announcement

Aug 14, 2022 | News

New Album “CHRYSALIS” Out 9.20.22

On 9/20 Bravo Delta is releasing a new album titled “CHRYSALIS”. The songs, the art, and even the name have so much meaning…we are all so proud of it. The writing sessions for songs featured on this album span over 2 years. There are new never before-heard songs, previously released singles, a remake, and a remix. We’ve continued the tradition in this band of always having “firsts”…doing things we’ve never done before…expanding outside of the box.


The songs cover love, apathy, overcoming, mental health, liberty, and societal elements. Together with the artwork, a story is told about life and the world around us…and the need to hold tightly to the “good”, even in the midst of chaos. This is the full track listing:

  1. Never See
  2. Let Me Stay
  3. Beside You
  4. The One
  5. Break The Chains
  6. Army Of The State
  7. Dark Room (REMIX)
  8. Cult Of Personality

chrysalis album cover art work

Our Journey

It’s been 10 years of this band performing and releasing music…that’s so crazy to me. We’ve made music heard around the world, performed all over the country, and this album is just the next chapter in the story of Bravo Delta. If you so choose to continue supporting our journey, you can do so by preordering the album before its release by clicking here. The preorder bundle includes a limited edition t-shirt, the album signed by all band members, and more. Thanks for following along, listening, and supporting us these last 10 years. 🤘🏼


– Brandon

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