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New Single “Never See” Out 10.1.21

Sep 20, 2021 | News

All new single hits stores 10/1

We’re stoked to announce that the first original release since March of 2021. The new single, titled “Never See” hits all stores and streaming services 10/1/21.

The first of a series of singles to be released over the next several months, “Never See” is a straight banger that we are super excited to release to the world. Click the button to presave the release so you’re notified the day it comes out. Also be on the lookout for a custom tee design with this album artwork.

“Take a drink of the water, take a drink of their mind
Feel it move through your mindset
Look around at the sequence.
Emotion makes us unkind
Leave it out for the dogs now
And all of this time we feel so alive
No, I never listen
No I will never see
No, I never listen
‘Cause I’m a slave to apathy” 

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